• ABASA Leadership Programme (ALP)
  • Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP)

The ABASA Leadership Programme (ALP) objective is to identify young professionals who are passionate about their personal development, leadership and growth and equip them with the necessary tools to ensure that they become effective and responsible leaders in the workplace and community. This was as a result of the realization that a lot of our young professionals are technically sound yet lack the softer skills (leadership, negotiation, presentation, self-mastery skills etc.)


Should you have a desire to participate in the ALP as either a mentee or a mentor please email ALP@abasa.org.za

ABASA’s first Executive Leadership Development Programme (“ELDP”) commenced in February 2010 with participants who, amongst others, included partners and senior managers from audit firms, and chief financial officers of private companies. The programme, in association with the University of Stellenbosch Business school (USB ED), has been running annually with participants attending sessions almost every 6 weeks. Participants have invested over 60 hours each thus far, dedicating time to building themselves to be effective young business leaders.

As ABASA we aim to share the findings of these projects with a wider audience, especially where relevant, as we strive towards developing effective leaders and contributing to thought leadership in business. Please contact Deona Allan at Deona@abasa.org.za for further details.

  • Nkuhlu Subvention Fund

    ABASA Presidents Club, which is comprised of past presidents of ABASA, set up the Nkuhlu Subvention Fund (“NSF”) a few years ago. In recognition of the fact that normal salaries paid by universities are not sufficient to entice qualified Chartered Accountants into academia, the Fund was set up to bridge this gap in salaries.

    If you are a Black Chartered Accountant with a keen interest in pursuing an academic career, or would like to sponsor this initiative, please email Tshepisho Makofane atTshepisho.Makofane@tamela.co.za

  • ABASA Bursary Fund

    At inception ABASA established a Bursary Fund to assist black students who wished to pursue the Chartered Accountancy profession. The fund is aimed at creating access to black students who have performed very well at secondary school and now wished to pursue tertiary studies towards qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

    Please submit your Bursary applications before 30 September of each year to deona@abasa.org.za. If you would like to sponsor a Bursary student, please contact deona@abasa.org.za

  • School Visits

    A School Visit Committee was set up within ABASA to ensure that learners across the country benefited from young and passionate accountants who voluntarily give of their time on weekends to provide career guidance to high school learners from various townships across the country.


    If you would like ABASA to visit your school or you would like to join ABASA for one of our upcoming school visits, please contact deona@abasa.org.za

  • Career Days

    ABASA hosts a career day where Chartered Accountants from various career streams are invited to talk about their chosen careers, share the day-to-day highs and lows of their careers, and also give guidance on what to expect on the other side.

    The career days are hosted in all 5 branches of ABASA and are sponsored by Frontline Recruitment.

    If you would like to be invited to the next career day, please contact deona@abasa.org.za

  • ABASA Women

    Overall Objective

    The ABASA Women is a committee that has been established to address the explicit need to cater for the women in the accounting profession. The group is built on the premise that although the need to address the issues faced by women in the workplace and as Captains of Industry is identified and most felt by women, this cannot be addressed in isolation but requires collaboration with men in organisations. It is, therefore, the first such group that is open to both genders to engage and better understand each other in the world of work.

    We are working on molding the ABASA Women to be best in all aspects of her life.