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Bursary Portfolio:

We work together with universities to identify eligible bursary students
Conduct interviews and a screening process
Provide support, mentorship and networking opportunities to bursars
We have 9 bursary holders studying at various universities in the Western Cape

We have previous and current bursary holders, whom we support and groom at university and in the business world.  Our bursary students have access to a network of business leaders to provide them with the necessary support they need to excel in their studies and grow successful careers.  We allocated a total of R130 483 during 2015 – 2016 to 9 bursary holders studying within the accounting stream.

ALDP Portfolio:

• “Our aim is to give back to the future generations, the knowledge and support imparted to us during our careers.”
• Hosted a mentorship training event in April 2015
• Held an evening to affirm participants dreams, passion and influence in May 2015
• Held a interactive event on time management with the theme “Time vs Technology” in June 2016
• We are building a mentorship programme between industry leaders and trainees soon-to-be Chartered Accountants
• Our mission is to develop the young leaders within the accounting stream into future pioneers.

University Portfolio/Student Chapters:

• The University Portfolio works closely with the ABASA Student Chapter and hosted successful corporate social initiatives
where we invested back into our communities
• Our student chapter provides the necessary support to university students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds
creating networks between students, trainees and industry leaders
• The student chapter successfully contributed 30 boxes of goods to the Santa Shoebox Project at the end of October
2015 for their community outreach programme
• The University Portfolio works closely with Bursary Portfolio to identify eligible bursary candidates
In-training Portfolio:
• Creates opportunities and platforms that allow trainees to engage with industry leaders. This is done via various networking events designed for trainees at various stages of their contracts

ABASA Leadership Programme

“Our mission is to develop the young leaders within the accounting field into future pioneers of our world as it stands”
We do the following:
• Organise the annual FQE dinner which celebrates successful candidates
• Maintains a close link with the SAICA sub-committees to promote a relationship between ABASA and trainees
• Our Annual Career Evening for 3rd year trainees was held in October 2015

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