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Coming Soon

We will be launching our new and highly improved website at the 2016 convention.

The website has quite a few new features like regional and national news section, branch portal for every ABASA branch, branch specific news section, branch specific events section and  a careers section.

Our regional and national news section will document news relating to the organisation in each region and nationally. We will be documenting achievements and opportunities in this section. This will be beneficial for each member of the organisation as we can only improve and grow through access and knowledge. The branch portal will house all the ABASA branches, for the first time our members will be able to contact their branches directly from the website, this will allow members to know their leaders at all branches as well as get information on events and programmes ran at the branch level.

The careers section is very crucial for career and business growth. Organisations will be able to reach a network of highly skilled professionals in ABASA and ABASA members alike will get an opportunity to be exposed to latest job postings relevant to their career journey.


Contact Us

Tel: +27 (0) 11 479 0683
Fax: +27 (0) 11 621 6842
Email: info@abasa.org.za

17 Fricker Road
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